Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 4 Week 1

Week One Term 4

  • After a wonderful, restful holiday we are back at kindy ready for a very busy, fun term. It was great to see our friends and teachers all back in one piece and healthy (except for poor Mrs Kalma.)
  • We read an old story this week called “The Little Red Hen”. It is the story of four friends who live together, a hen, dog, cat and mouse. The Little Red Hen was the only friend who worked hard and helped her friends. Mrs Ford didn’t read us the end of the story because we had to predict what the Little Red Hen would do with her beautiful fresh bread. Would she share or keep the bread for herself? Most people decided she didn’t need to share because the other animals didn’t help her with all of the work. What an important lesson they learned by missing out on the fresh bread.
  • The wonderful sunshine this week meant we could get outside and practise the games for our Sports Day coming up. We also planted some corn seeds in the garden and some sunflower seeds in the pots. Thankyou Kylie (Ella’s mum) for organising this for us.
  • Mrs Kalma wasn’t feeling very well on Friday and so she had to stay at home but luckily Mrs MacFarlane was able to come in and do some fun activities about day and night and heavy and light with us.
  • We are very excited about a special surprise we will be having next week ???????