Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 4 Week 2

Looking after chickens at kindy


Week 2 Term 4

  • Visitors in kindy and we are all very excited to see what will come out of them. On Monday the eggs arrived in the incubator and we watched patiently to see what happened.
  • We conducted an egg hunt and discovered that a lot of creatures come out of eggs. We found a frog, crocodile, chicken, snake, dragon fly, dinosaur and of course the egg that we eat for our breakfast.
  • The eggs started to crack on Tuesday and by Thursday we had lots of fluffy chicks to look at and look after. Next week when they are a bit bigger we will be allowed to hold them as well.
  • We looked at the lifecycle of a chick. We now understand why it is called a cycle because it keeps going round and round like a wheel.  We made a cardboard lifecycle to show how a chick grows from the egg into a fully grown hen or rooster. Now we know only the hens lay eggs.
  • We have spent time down on the oval this week practising for our Sports Day. We have done lots of running and played games with beanbags. We are really excited about our big day in two weeks time.
  • On Wed/Thurs we baked some bread just like The Little Red Hen but we all helped so we all got to share the bread. We even made our own butter to put on the bread. It was delicious. We will now make a book called “The Little Red Seals” and “The Little Blue Dolphins”.