Term 1 Week 1 2017 Diary
Weekly Diary Term 4 Week 5

Term 4 Week 5:

  • ‘We’re going on an egg hunt, we’re going to find a b-i-g one’ and we did. There were big eggs everywhere in kindy this week so we gathered them up and laid them carefully in the huge nest that was in the block area. We wondered what was in the eggs and decided they were so big that they must be dinosaurs.
  • The rest of the week was full of dinosaur fun and facts. Later in the week we pretended to be palaeontologists and dug around for bones. We pieced them altogether like a jigsaw and created a dinosaur skeleton. It is a very difficult job to place the bones in the correct positions in the body.
  • We have been very busy this week as well this week getting ready for our Sports Day on Friday. It is going to be a hot day so we have to remember to drink plenty of water and wear a hat. The dolphins and the seals are very excited about spending the afternoon together and having a picnic on the oval. Run hard everyone.
  • The obstacle courses for the last few weeks have been very challenging because the children have been designing them. Now we have to remember to get to kindy on time so that we can do it before the day starts.
  • We have a new sound this week. It is R rrrrr for rabbit. We will keep practicing it next week – r r r.